June 23, 2018

Arizona Department of Corrections And The Arizona Prison System

Like other departments of the government in Arizona, Arizona Department of Corrections do have a dedicated official website that cater to the need of people and their families who are incarcerated in Arizona prisons. If anyone is looking for the list of prisons in the state of Arizona then you can get a complete map of all the prison in the state of Arizona from the department of corrections official website. If you are looking to get information or details about a specific inmate release then you can access the Inmate Datasearch option online or can contact the Time Computation Unit to know everything about the offenders, conviction type, sentence length and even current complex information where they are held.

arizona department of corrections

There is a basic information guideline that has been specially created for inmate friends and family through “Inmate Family and Friends Liaison” that offers a standard process for reviewing, receiving and responding to public complaints pertaining to inmate related issues. Apart from this Arizona Department of Correction also has a Inmate Visitation, Department Order 911 from where you can get information about the process of visiting an inmate. If you are looking to get information about sex offenders and death row, then you can visit the sex offender information and death row index page. In addition to these, you can also get information about death penalty from the office of the Attorney General. You can also get information about Arizona history of executions from the Death Penalty History section on the official webpage.

Arizona Department of Corrections have special facility for keeping women offenders. Women offenders are housed at Arizona State Prison Complex Perryville, Goodyear. The security levels of the Arizona prison system are segregated into different custody types such as close, medium, minimum and maximum. The average of cost of keeping an inmate in the department of correction is around $61.74. There are also additional privileges given to inmates in the Arizona Department of Corrections such as work programs, education programs, etc.

There are also special provisions for inmates in Arizona Department of Corrections like telephone access. Apart from this the inmates can also marry in the department of correction as stated in the Department Order 904.07. There are different types of releases in the department of corrections and the release types can be viewed by accessing Inmate Release System. If you are keen to know about other information related to the department of corrections, then you can visit the official website of the ADC.

Additional resource links: http://www.azcorrections.gov/inmate_datasearch/Index_Minh.aspx

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